Bridges Baltimore Conference’s Family Day Invites Children to Explore Links Between Art and Math, July 31

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Bridges Baltimore Conference’s Family Day Invites Children to Explore Links Between Art and Math, July 31




As part of Bridges Baltimore—a global gathering of denizens from math, art and science that constitutes the largest mathematics and art interdisciplinary conference in the world, this year taking place at the University of Baltimore—the public is invited for Bridges Baltimore Family Day on Friday, July 31, in UB’s John and Frances Angelos Law Center, 1401 N. Charles St. and the UB Student Center, 21 W. Mt. Royal Ave.



 During this half-day event, children and their families are invited to participate in an immersive, participatory experience that links the worlds of mathematics (specifically, geometry and algebra), science (physics and engineering), and art (drawing, sculpture, etc.). Through workshops, games, interactive demonstrations and more, families can explore the links between artistic expression and the language of science and technology.



Bridges Baltimore Family Day Specifics:




  • Time: 2-9 p.m.



  • Events (times and specific locations in the Law Center will be announced shortly):



Short Films: The 6th Annual Bridges Short Movie Festival includes a variety of juried and curated videos and short films. The program includes movies, videos and animations that have been created for educational, corporate and artistic purposes, and will provide another opportunity for families to experience innovative and integrative techniques in the fields of mathematics and art.



Mime-matics: Tim and Tanya Chartiera mime team trained at Le Centre du Silence mime school, the Dell’Arte School of International Physical Theater and with the world-renowned mime artist Marcel Marceaupresent a mime program that combines masks, puppetry and classical mime illusions into a distinctive style that the duo has performed around the globe.



“Signs of Discovery” Dance and Math Presentation: The Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble reveals the surprising connections between dance and math through highly physical, engaging choreography peppered with their unique brand of humor and entertaining audience interactions. The ensemble’s work explores symmetry, number sense, the history of ideas and, ultimately, how we think.



Experimental Theater: The Bridges experimental theater event provides a spirited, engaging evening of theater that is as rewarding to the audience as it is to the conference participants who volunteer as actors. Though the actual play to be presented has not yet been determined, attendees can expect to see a performance that deals with mathematics and mathematicians in thoughtful and creative ways.



Poetry Program: Invited poets will read selections from their original work—a wide range of poetic styles with strong links to mathematics—followed by an open mic period where Bridges participants are invited to read their own mathematical poems.



  • Cost: All Family Day events are FREE; no reservation is required.



Bridges Baltimore, July 29-Aug. 1, is an international conference highlighting and combining mathematics, music, art, architecture and culture. Nearly 300 attendees representing more than 30 countries will participate in lectures, art exhibitions, paper presentations, experimental theater, short films, poetry and more.



“Bridges Baltimore is an inspiring interdisciplinary conference that encapsulates multiple disciplines,” said Sujan Shrestha, assistant professor in the University of Baltimore’s Division of Science, Information Arts and Technologies and lead organizer for the conference. “Our Family Day brings the excitement and magic of learning about the connections between art and math, and will inspire both young people and their families to have a lot of fun with the tools and techniques that artists, mathematicians and scientists use to express these connections.”



Learn more about Bridges Baltimore.



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