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Halley’s Hot Gumbo Swingtet in Glen Echo Park, July 25th!

The Jam Cellar closes out a balmy July with the New Orleans-style jazz of Halley’s Hot Gumbo Swingtet at the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo Park. The band features lead clarinetist/saxophonist Halley Shoenberg ahead of a polyphonic three-horn [...]
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Unrehearsed Shakespeare at West Shore Park

WHAT: Unrehearsed Shakespeare at West Shore Park   The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Project presents Much Ado About Nothing at West Shore Park. This presentation of the quick-witted comedy featuring the fire-tongued duo of Benedicke and Beatrice [...]

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Thoughts on An American Sniper

Thoughts On AN AMERICAN SNIPER   WARNING:  Contains Minimal and General Spoilers     General Impression:  An impressive movie depicting the costs of war on a single individual fighting it, and on his family, enduring his fighting it. Bradley [...]
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Spy Truth & Fiction–The Equalizer Gets Some Things Right

By Piper Bayard The Equalizer is a thriller film by Antoine Fuqua in which an ex-CIA operative must defeat the Russian mob to save his friend. Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall, a widower who has left his former life of intelligence fieldwork. [...]
The November Man movie poster

5 Espionage Myths–The November Man

  By Piper Bayard     The November Man is an espionage movie in which an ex-CIA operative is brought back by the Company for a personal mission in Moscow, only to find himself pitted against his protégé. It is a fast action [...]

Do You Love “Schmuck Bait?”

by Jenny Hansen Today I’m sharing the spotlight with my pal Geralyn, aka G.V.R. Corcillo. Below, she talks about entertainment, a wicked cool Castle episode, and the power of a great story. As Ger says, “I Love Me Some Schmuck Bait!” That’swhat [...]
Chicgao PD

“Chicago P.D.” – Unique or Just Another Police Procedural?

A Review of NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” by Tiffany A. White Today, I’m jumping in with a show that could either a) fall in line with all the other police procedurals on TV, or b) stand out as the next Dick Wolf success—Chicago P.D.. Created [...]
Killer Women

“Killer Women” – Good While it Lasted…

A Review of ABC’s “Killer Women” by Tiffany A. White Today, I’m jumping in with a show that I have been looking forward to since I heard about the idea—Killer Women. ABC Summary: From executive produce Sofia Vergara (“Modern Family”) [...]

Valentine’s Day Swing Dance

Valentine Swing Dance Swing era attire encouraged! FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14, 2014, 7 pm – 10 pmDance Lesson 7:30-8:30 pm by professional swing dancers. Music & Dancing 8:30-10:30 pmScrumptious Desserts and Swing Dance Lessons! $15 for individuals$25 [...]