Citysprout, Connecting you to local farms!

Connecting you to local farms!


  • ¬†What is a CitySprout community ?

A CitySprout Community is an online network where people come together to combine their buying power and attract the interest of area farms. Each CitySprout Community has its own webpage to help surrounding farms find and connect with them. Your communicty website helps facilitate montly, weekly, or event daily purchases and deliveries of everything from organic vegetables eggs and dairy products, to ethically raised meat and poultry


  • Why is CitySprout good for my community?

By partnering with CitySprout, you are supporting the health of your community, benefitting the environment, and strengthening your local economy. By working with local farmers, CitySprout minimizes the distance food has to travel to get to your table, greatly reducing your food’s carbon footprint. Food from your surrounding farms provides the nutrition necessary to maintain a healthy diet for community members who might otherwise have trouble accessing healthy food. Lst but not least, when you support your area farms, you are working to build a sustainable farming and food system in you region.



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